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Dallas Skyline


Houston Skyline

Austin Skyline

Macro Photography Workshop

Macro photography lets you explore new worlds, and create exciting photos as you do so. You can zero-in on a small portion of a large subject to create an interesting abstract image, or fill the frame with a tiny subject.

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Tonight we are in Austin. Listening to some reggae by the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue.

Portrait Class

Eric Leuthardt Photography Portrait Class Photo

Tonight we are at the studio teaching a portrait lighting class. We do this several times a year.




Canals at Las Colinas

Eric Leuthardt Photography Canals at Las Colinas Photo

This morning we are teaching a class on outdoor portraits in Las Colinas.


Eric Leuthardt Photography aerialist photo

Tonight we had an aerialist at the studio. She performed on a suspended ring.

Maternity Shoot

Eric Leuthardt Photography baby blocks photo

It’s been a while since I have posted, but with the new theme and logo I decided to come back to this. I am spending the morning at the studio doing a maternity shoot. Stay tuned to my feeds for photos this week.