[Webinar] Speedlight Photography and the Basics of Off Camera Flash

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot with off camera flash? This is a class for beginners. You will learn the basic idea behind Strobism, or off camera flash.

There will be a discussion about the different types of equipment available at different price points. We will cover the DIY aspects as well. There will also be a variety of equipment on display.Eric-Leuthardt-Photography_MG_9763_20110306


Topics to be covered

  • What is a “Strobist”
  • Can I do this with my equipment
  • The basics of off camera flash
  • Demonstration of Strobist tech
  • Strobist light modifiers
  • DIY aspects of Strobism



Price: USD 39.00 per person

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  1. "Lin" (Eleanor) Frappollo says:

    Great photography, beautiful website page. Too bad we don’t live in Texas. Best wishes, your 3rd cousin from Florida.

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